women in tantra

Sexual intercourse by a man with a woman who is not lawful to him is a sin.  The Vaidika Dharma is very strict on this point.  It forbids not merely actual Maithuna but Ashtanga or eightfold Maithuna namely Smaranam (thinking upon it), Kirtanam (talking of it), Keli (play with women), Prekshanam (making eyes at women), Guhya-bhashanam (talking in private with women), Sankalpa ( wish or resolve fr sexual union), Adhyavasaya (determination towards it),  Kriyanishpatti (actual accomplishment of the sexual act.)
A Tantric can have copulation with his wife.  He calls his wife his Shakti.  Wife is a house-goddess Grah-lakshmi or Grah-devta united to her husband by the sacramental Samskara of marriage.  She should not be regarded as an object of enjoyment.  She is his partner in life (Ardhangini).  The union of a man and his wife is a veritable sacred scriptual rite.  Tibetan tantra treads a path of Love-Will-Wisdom and sees Heart, Hand and Head harmniously joined, with “heart” (or love) as the “Light of the World Within”.
In Tantra, there are two important poles of energy known as Shiva and Shakti.  In fact, Shiva and Shakti have various spheres of existence and operation in the cosmos and in the individual.  In the ordinary human society man and woman represent Shiva and Shakti respectively.  In the universal mind, time and space represent Shiva and Shakti aspects.  In spiritual life, mind and prana represent Shiva and Shakti.  In hatha yogic texts, these tw Shaktis are known as ida and pinagala.  Ida represents the consciousness and pingala represents the life force or prana.
Ordianarily, they are never together, but at the time of creation, they meet at a point of union on every sphere.  In the universal mind, time and space come together at the nucleus and when they unite, the explsion takes place in matter.  Here, time is represented by plus energy and space by minus energy.


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