Shatru Maran Kriya on Diwali

Here we have discussed the significance of doing Maran Mantra Kriya on the night of diwali. Maran Kriya becomes much more effective and shows faster results if performed on the night of Diwali. Maran Kriya should be used when there is no other way left because maran kriya has the ability to finish your enemy/shatru completely. If your enemy has crossed all his/her limits and there is no other option left then you use of Maran Kriya can solve your problem and make your enemy finished completely. Maran Kriya can only be performed by a highly experienced tantrik (having atleast 10 years of experience in tantra vidya). There are different uses of Maran Kriya mentioned in Tantra scriptures.

Maran Kriya can be used to kill enemy, make him severely ill, paralyzed or experience the pain like hell. Maran Kriya should only be used to protect self, it should not be used just for taking revenge from someone. There are various other tantrik remedies available for taking revenge from someone but maran kriya should be used as a last resort.

Baba Ji will help you by performing Maran Kriya on your enemy so that you can protect yourself and your familly from any type of attack. You can use Maran Kriya on one or more enemy at once. Here we have specifically mentioned that use of Maran Kriya becomes much more effective and fast if performed on the night of Diwali.

You can pre-book a Maran Kriya Anushthan for Diwali night by contact baba ji on 09643933763.

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