What is Vashikaran

“Vashikaran” is a tantrik word which is combination of tantra-mantra-yantra used to solve different type of problems related to relationships, husband-wife, enemy, job, career, business, money and other problems. Nowadays there has been increase in trend to know about Vashikaran and it’s uses. In present situation finding true love and affection has become very difficult. Making physical relationship has become the ultimate reason behind love relationships and once this need fulfilled the partner starts making distance and starts searching other.

Every young man/boy want to make favorite girl/lady as his lover and every girl/lady want best Man/boy to become her partner. Vashikaran is a powerful tantrik tool which can bring the desired girl or boy close to you without harming or forcing him/her. Vashikaran creates inner desire in someone to show true love and care toward you. Unlike Sammohan Vashikaran is not a power which is forced on someone.

Vashikaran is not Sammohan :

A normal person mostly relates Vashikaran with Sammohan but there is a big difference between Sammohan kriya and Vashikaran Kriya. SAMMOHAN which is called as HYPNOTISM is english language are totally different from each other.

In case of Sammohan – The person is not able to control his emotions and thinking and starts following the instructions given by the Hypnotiser of Sammohan Karta. Whereas, in case of Vashikaran – The person does not lose his/her power of thinking and emotions. Vashikaran is a tantrik method which originally changes the way of thinking of a person toward you and rest everything remains same as earlier. Sammohan Kriya is temporary and Vashikaran Kriya can be done for lifetime.

Vashikaran does not apply only in Love or Marriage matters :

It is true that 80% use of Vashikaran is done in solving love and marriage problems but vashikaran is not limited for that use only. In fact, vashikaran also applies on – Friendship, Official works, Group, Enemy, Business or Trade, Shopkeeper, Relatives, In-laws, Superior etc.

Vashikaran is only for Ethical Use :

Vashikaran power is not discovered for unethical or anti-social purpose therefore it must not be used in wrong way. Most of the people think that they can use the power of Vashikaran to humiliate or to take disadvantage of someone but here we want to tell you that Vashikaran can not be used to wrong purpose. It will be non-effective if you use it for any type of wrong purpose.

The use of mantras man and woman and is to subdue the enemy they are called Captivate spells. When a person can not be subdued by any means using the mantra. It is made by people who use it are competent. Ms. girls achieve Vrvisesh captivate spells queue. Similarly, the mantra for Ptneeprapti work is taken. Bride to tame her husband always takes recourse to this mantra. Captivate is also used against enemy spells.Vashikaran will only work if you have true and genuine emotions for someone and the reason of using the power of Vashikaran is always for ethical purpose.


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