Useful plants in Tantra

There are many plants in muntains which are very beneficial to the mankind and are used as medicines.  The same plants are very useful in Yantra and Tantra.  We provide below a few plants with their uses, which be kept by the sadhaka.
Rudra Vanti:- The root of this plant is very useful.  It is said that the old root of this plant cost five thousands rupees a gram.  The juice of this root is especially useful for Diphtheria, Cough, Cancer, Diseases of semen, weakness of organs, gastric and other diseases connected with Belly etc. are cured through the use of juice of roots.
The juice of its roots also cures the deficiencies of semen and for diabetic persons.  The paste of its leaves if applied on head for 3 days, the baldness is cured and hairs grow black in colour.  The growth of ordinary hairs is increased, especially for ladies.  The falling hairs are stopped.  The juice of leaves can be taken instead.  The root and leaves can be used for any pain or defect in joints and bones.
Black Rice:- During rainy season, its growth is natural in Assam hills in a small quantity.  When it is chewed, the colour of mouth becomes red.  It is too called Bloody Rice.  The red water made through its powder is used in Tantrik Sadhanas particularly for Durga Siddhi and this rice is offered.
Amar Kantaki:- This Plant is available in India between Ranikhet and Bhuwali and also in mountains of Russia.  This plant is about four feet in height and girth is about two feet, root 6 to 8 inches deep, its leaves are pointed and throny.  In winter, the plants have good growth, whereas in summer the leaves wither away.
In case one takes the juice of root of this plant, one cures from Bronchitis, Palpitation of heart and breath, bodily weakness etc.  If one takes this medicine or juice for six months continuously, the weakness in sexual power is removed and one leads a happy life and looks much younger in age.  This is especially useful for old age.  In Russia, this is very widely used.  Its root when put in water, starts discharging and water colour becomes yellow.  This water, if taken, cures many disease, also used for Achman and sadhana purpose.
Another use of the leaves of this plant is to extract the juice of its leaves, which be passed through the process of calcination (i.e. reducing metals to ashes in a hole in the earth).  This extract if used as medicine for one weaak removes old age, increased sexual power and man looks very young.
Kali Thumbi:- In jungles of Rajasthan, mountains of Manipur and near Gangotri, a tree is found known as Tuma.  Its fruits are like coconut which fall after they become ripe.  Out of these fruits one black fruit is rarely found.  Actually this is very useful for Tantrik Sadhanas.  The seed of Kali Tumbi is rubbed in ten years old gur and becomes a paste.  At the time of siddhi many tantriks offer their tongue and body parts by cutting to Kali and after that restore them in position through this paste.
Mayur Kand:- This plant is found in Kullu-Manali area, the people of that area worship this plant.  Its root, trunk and leaves all can be used.  It curesRheumatic pains, Cancer, Brain fever and other diseases.  It is being used widely in china.  White hair are turned black through its use.
This plant is three to four feet in height and looks like a Tulsi plant.  If its root is powered and taken regularly for two months, the skin having black colour removes automatically and a fresh red skin appears which removes all old age wrinkles and makes the user quite young.  The juice of leaves if mixed in wine to the tune of two or three drops, the sexual power which has weakened by the passage of time will be recovered.  The ladies can use the juice of its root, it keeps her beauty, the face shines and black spots under the eyes as are commonly seen or spots on the face vanish and the lady becomes young and attractive.
Black Turmeric:- It is known as Kali Haldi and is used in Tantric Sadhana.  It is found in the areas of Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh.  It is also found in Makwan pur Distt of Nepal and plains of Vastor.  It is used in medicines for Bronchities as paste.  The paste is also used as Tilak by Tantrik on forehead of Kali.
Aam Tari:- This plant is found around Dehradun and Mosurrie area.  It is barely four to five feet in height, has small leaves which shine in dark night.  Its leaves are dipped in water for three days and then grounded to make a paste.  If this paste is applied on face, hands, body etc., all wrinkles will go and one will look young.  The powder of its roots if used for one month will make white hairs to black.  It is also useful for ladies who do not conceive, have irregularmenses and faces abrasion.
Dhanwantri:- This plant is available in Jammu Kashmir area and is being called as Khanuri by the local people.  The plant is about three feet in height and girth is about two feet.  This plant shines like a fire in the night.  Its leaves are pointed, some thorns are found with its root.  Trunk leaves and its roots are very valuable and are used for cure of many diseases.
One does not feel hunger and thrust for 24 hours, if one takes its one leaf.  One leaf taken with honey by a woman does not cause her to be pregnant; the powder of leaf can also be used.  Fresh leaves powder taken with milk cured eye diseases.  Its root if mixed in vegetable and cooked, removes the blackish tinge colour of the body.  The powder of its root processed through calcinations, if applied as a paste remves the black colour of the body and ne loks beautiful.  One becomes lean as the weight is reduced, if powder of its root is taken.
If its root is cooked with Dal for fifteen days and taken, clears the skin of blemishes and body becmes attractive.  The powder of its root mixed with hair oil, if rubbed in hair, the white hair becomes black and long.  The juice of it if applied on the face for three days, all spots of small pox or of any other thing vanishes and face becomes clear.  Dry its leaves in shade and make powder, this powder mixed with honey if taken for a weak, the sexual incompatibility is removed.  If taken for a month, one feels fully cmpetent in sex acts.  For ladies, the plant acts as a magic.
Some Rare Tantric Articles
The nature has created many things, which are rare, the use of which is very auspicious for health, wealth  and happiness.  A few of them are provided below which can be used in Tantra or keeping of them is very good.
Rudraksh:- Generally Rudraksh is found in Nepal on a specific tree, contained in a cover.  when cover is broken or cut, the Rudraksh is found.  These are from one face to 21 faces.  Much has been written in our Shastras about it.  Five faced Rudraksh is commonly used by the people.
Cat’s Chord:- When a cat gives birth to children, her chord if preserved is useful in Tantric Sadhana.  This is used for Vashikaran, Anushthan and particularly for acquisition of wealth.  This should never be wasted but preserved in the house.
Siyar Singhi:- Siyar means Jackal which has no horn.  But nature has provided horns on a very few Jackals.  To keep Siyar Singhi in the house, bestows on the person immense wealth, victory over enemies, success in law suits etc. It should be kept in vermillion,its hair will grow. It is good for Sadhana.
Shukar Teeth:- Shukar or wild boar is fierce wild animal.  His front teeths are hot and easily available.  These teeths are used in many ways in Tantric Sadhanas and Mahavidhya Sadhana.
Shvetarak Ganpati:- White aak is a rare plant.  You will find Ganpati at the root of this aak.  In our shastras, it is laid down that in any house where white Ganpati is available, the house remains free from all evils and the possessor are blessed with immense wealth.  This is used for pooja, once this Ganpati is awakened, nothing becomes impossible for him.
Pardarshi Shaligram:- It is lemon and black coloured.  You can see a serpent image in it.  Its pooja in Tantric Sadhana is of great importance.  It is very rare.  The possessor can make many siddhis easily and blessed with Kali’s grace.  One is saved from all troubles and his desires are fulfilled.
One Eyed Coconut:- One eyed coconut is an emblem of wealth. On Deepawali day, this can be used in many ways for tantric purposes.  This coconut is rarely available, generally two eyed are found.  After attaining Siddhi of this, one can have all things around through its use.  It is attributed as third eye of Shiva.
Kam Roop Mani:- Kam Roop Mani is not easily available.  This is a nature’s rare gift.  If available and worn in the neck, all works of users are completed as per his desires, difficulties are removed, prosperity, success, respect, wealth becomes permanent with him during life.
Parad Shivling:- This shivling is made of Mercury and Silver and is solid and heavy in weight.  Mercury neither dissolves in anything neither it stands at one place.  Yogis of caliber with their spiritual power heat up the silver and mix with and make Parad Shivaling.  This, when is kept in the sun emerges rainbow colours.  Tantriks use this Shivling for sadhna.
Dadshineye Shankh:- The seashell which opens towards left hand are commonly available but rare the seashells which open towards right hand.  In the Tantra Mantra Sadhna, this shell has a great value.  The place or house where this shell is available becomes very lucky.  This can be used in many ways in Tantra.  Amongst right hand shell, Male shell is again very rare.  Male, female and enauch are its three kinds.  Male is more rare which gives the sound of OM which is lucky for wealth.  The pooja is performed placing it on silver sheet daily.
Gauri Shankar Rudraksh:- It is again a rare one.  Two rudraksh are joined and on this joined body of Lord Shiva and Parvati is said to exist.  This can be kept in the temple, can be worn in the neck or can be kept with a person.  This bestows the user good luck, wealth, intelligence and all comforts.
Abayukat Saligram:- Saligram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is commonly available but round saligram is rare.  The test is that when you see Saligram in the sun, red light is seen.  These are best for family comforts.
Hatha Jori:- This is a wonder of nature where two hands are joined together.  To keep them, they bless the sadhaka with wealth; ne never meets with any accident and remains free from any Tantrik effects.  It is kept in Sandoor.  Its siddhi is very difficult.
Safateek Shivling:- This Shivling is made of crystal , quartz or lens glass.  It can be seen in Raghu Nath mandir in Jammu.  It bestwos the possessor all cmforts, wealth, health and keeps free frm worries and provides protection against troubles and evils.
One Faced Rudraksh:- This Rudraksh is very rare.  It is if available fetches a very high price.  The person who possesses it or wears in the neck is blessed with all comforts of life.  It is used in Tantric Siddhi.  This Rudraksh has natural inscription on it of serpent, Trishul, Shivling, Om etc.  In Mantra, Tantra and Yantra sadhnas they become effective.
Lagu Coconut:- This coconut is rarely found and is of supari size, to tiny.  This is known as given of Lakshmi.  This has three eyed.
Sadhna of Rare Tantric Articles
Hatha Jori Kalp:- Hatha Jori is a rare tantric article.  It is used very effectively after making siddhi of it.
a) The person to whom you want to put under your control (Vashikaran), perform Japa after reciting his name, one will become under his control.
b) At the time of talking to a person, keep it with you.  The opposite party will agree with you.
c) This is worn in talisman of three, one has victory over enemies and his works and desires are fulfilled.
d) After use, it should be kept in silver container box with Sindoor.
Method :- On Sunday in Pushya Nakshatra, Jori be bathed in Panch-Amrit and pooja be performed.  The mantra be recited for 12500 times and siddhi be made of it.  The japa be performed by sitting Eastward on red Asana with red colour rosary.  Sadhaka should wear red clothes and offer red flowers in pooja.  Also keep an idol of Bhairon and its pooja be performed with oil, sindoor and red flowers in eight ways.
“Om Namo Visahar Rog Shok Dosh Grah Gahan Sakal Suh De Om Namah Swaha”
After performing above Sadhana, put vermillion in a silver box on first day morning of Krishan Paksha and place Hatha Jori in reverse position viz hand, five fingers be placed downward. Then again, it should be reversed on first day of Shukla Paksha.  Repeat this process for three krishna Paksha and three Shukla Paksha and keep them in reverse or right position.  In this way in last Shukal Paksha, it will be in reverse position and it is to be kept in reverse position forever.  Keep the box in cash safe.  The lady should not open it, lusty it looses its strength.  This is very good Sadhna for finances.
One Face Rudraksh:- This is most auspicious Rudraksh.  On Ashtami Tithi in Shukal Pakash during Chaitra Vikrami Monthe (between 14th March – 14th April) collect 108 type coloured flowers and perform pooja by dhoop, deep etc.  and distribute parasad.  The Rudraksha be offered with kesar, chandan and camphor and provide a tilak of them on Rudraksha.  Recite the mantra on each flowers.  Also you can do pooja in the above manner on Deepawali day.  Then you can keep the Rudraksha in safe or wear by enclosing it in gold or Rudraksha alone in the neck.
“Om Shrim Klim Ekmukhaye Bhagvate Anurapaye Sarvyogeshwaraye Trayalokayanathaaye Sarv Kaam Phalpradaye Namah”
For Wealth:- Recite this mantra 108 times daily.  One will be blessed with wealth.
“Shri Shukle Mahashukle Kamal Dul Nikasini Shri Mahalakshmi Namo Namah Punah Lakshmi Maii Sat Ki Sawai Aayo Cheto Karo Bhalai, Na Karo To Cahurasi Siddhon Ki Duhai”
For Vashikaran:-  The following mantra be recite for 1008 times on a Deepawali night or on any auspicious day during auspicious Hora.  After that whenever you want to make Vashikaran of any body, remembering him/her, recite this mantra for 108 times.
“Mohan Mohan Kya Kare Mohan Mera Naam Jis Basti Me Baithu Mohe Saara Ganv Raja Mohe Praja Mohe Mohe Sub Sansar, Raat Chalat Batohi Mohe Haati Baithal Baniya Mohai Baati Baithal Haili Mohain Aasan Baithal Yogi Mohain Raabul Baithal Raani Moho Raja Ko Karou Kookara Basti Ko Karou Bilav Jo Na Bole Bhar Nazar Meri Taru To Hanuman Ki Duhai.”
“Om Ram Talai Ram Talai Seeta Mata Lai Bahar Kheench Baandh Ke Kari Taiyar Tapke Na Boond Phate Na Cheer Kheench Bandh De Hanumant Beer Tapke Boond Dharti Pade to Duhai Hanumant Beer Ki.”
For Stomach Pain:- The patiest be asked to lie down flat.  Recite this mantra for 9 times and each time put your hand on whole belly and press in the centre.  One will be cured.
Mantra :-
Pani Pani Teen Pani Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Jaani Patiya Maathe Man Thara Hai, Haank Det Muhamad ko Nirbal Kare Khoda Sone Ka Katora Rupe Ki Katori Pani Bhare Raja Naakh Taakh Ki Beti Sakul ki Bahua Haath Phere Pet Ka Dard Jaaye Pet Hoye Tarka Kal Tak Ruk Jaaye Duhai Ishwar Mahadev Parvato ki”
For Half Head Ache:- The mantra be recited for 21 times for three days.  Draw seven horizontal and seven vertical lines on the ground with knife while reciting the mantra and the patient be exorcised for cure.
“Om Namo Ban Me Byani Banri Uchhor Brish Pai Jaaye Kood Kood Shasan Pai Kache Ban Pal Khaye Aadha Tode Aadha Phode Aadho Dekh Giraye Hunkarat Hanuman ji Aadha Shishi Jaaye”
To prevent Abortion:- Thread woven by unmarried girl be exorcized 21 times and tie that thread around the waist of lady Abortion will be prevented.
Mantra :-
“Om Rinjye Chamunde Dhumiram Rambha Taruvar Chadi Jaaye, Yeh Dekhat Amuk Ke Sub Rog Raraye Om Hoon Phat Swaha Amuki Rajodosh Nashaye”
To Prevent Excessive Bleeding:- The ash of cow dung ball be prepared and mantra be recited on it for 21 times, the ash be exorcised with mantra.  Thread be wrapped around the waist of the lady on Saturday for 6 times, on Sunday for 14 times and on Thursday for 21 times.  One will cure.
“Aag Baandho Agiya Betal Baandho Sau Khal Vikral Bandho, Sau Loha Luhar Bandho Bajar As Hoye Bajra Dhan, Khoon Jaaye To Mahadev Ki Aan”
For Teeth Pain:- Put your finger on the cheek of the patient where there is a pain.  Recite the mantra for 21 times and finger be gently rubbed each time.  Pain will be cured.
“Iri Chinri Khar Na Khar Aab Jharoon, Jharoon Kanthamaar Saat Beti Raja Vasiki Saton Nikri Chindar Phalane Ka Nara Hamare Jhare Baith Jaaye Duhai Ishwar Mahadev Parvati Ki”
Child Birth Without Pain:- The following mantra be recited for 21 times, put on the body and exorcism each time and a glass of water be exorcised.  The water be cut cross by the knife seven times and be taken by the lady at the time of birth of child.  She will deliver the child without pain.
“Om Namo Aadesh Guru Jab Jab Jaikar Gorakh Baithe Poru Jab Lag Gorakh Jaap Jape Tab Lag Raaz Bibhishan Kare Gaura Katva Kahna Ishwar Bandho Ganda Raakh Raakh Shri Hanumant Bajrang Jo Chhitka Parta Ansh Doodh Poot Ishwar Ki Maya Parta Garbh Shri Gorakhnath Rakhaya Meri Bhakti Guru ki Shakti Phuro Mantra Ishwaro Vacha”


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