Tantrik Practices

If not performed properly without expert  guidance, quite a few of them can have negative side effects.  The repercussions of provoking and playing with the highest forces can be devastating at times.  However all tantrik practices are not dangerous.  There are several which are quite safe and can be practiced by the common man to get positive results.
The rules to be bserved:
1. Worship only after taking bath and wearing clean clothes.
2. Sit facing the East or North.
3. Sit on an asan of Deer Skin, Silk, Woolen or Cotton.  Avoid synthetic material.
4. Light a lamp and offer some Prasad.
5. Ladies must avoid the worship during the menstrual period .
6. Never  do the worship with any negative pupose like harming your enemies or to bewitch a woman etc.
7. Before you start the worship, offer a prayer to Ganesha, Guru and Saraswati.

Tantra Kalpadruma:- If Sadhaka perform one lakh ‘Japa’ with beads f jewels, he can achieve success in Tantra.  By performing 80 thousand  japas every night for seven consective days, a sadhaka can have everthing he desires.  He is to offer Payas ( Rice cooked with milk and sugar) either before or after taking food.  If he utters Dhanda mantra ten times, whether pure or impure in body and mind, he has not to suffer a pinch of poverty.
Purashcharana:- Puruscharan becomes effective, if one thousand japa and one hundred burnt offering ghee, honey and sugar are performed daily for a week and by doing so, poverty is removed.  If the Goddess is worshipped inside the circle drawn inside a copper pot aninted with sandal paste.  Poverty can never afflict a sadhaka, who thus becomes owner of vast wealth.  All ceremonial rites relating t ‘Agra Nyas’ and ‘Kara Nyas’ etc. are to be performed.


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